About TicketSoko

Paperless, cashless initiative wherein passengers can book unreserved passenger service bus tickets directly from the PayMe e-wallet.

Our ticketing platform allows for 1-click purchase of tickets to events. It provides our clients with a management portal that allows them to create events and to also add event merchandize for sale. The platform allows for various ways to receive tickets for customers including SMS and PDF through email. Each event hosted on our platform is personalised and can host the clients’ unique payment channels, including client owned paybills. It allows customers to pay for the ticket directly from their mpesa accounts, as well as hosting a wallet service for bundled ticket purchases. The platform also supports SMS and USSD ticket purchasing.


Ticketing Channels


We will build a 2-way SMS solution to allow the public to buy tickets for events. The system will contain all information required for the public to select the event and pay the ticket. Tickets will be delivered by SMS with a unique alphanumeric token that will act as the ticket number. Purchases can be done anytime before and at the gate of the event. Validation will be done through an encrypted solution that can be done on site


The USSD channel will operate in a similar fashion to the SMS channel. The public will dial a USSD code e.g. *384*100# to access the events they can purchase tickets for. Tickets will also be delivered via SMS with unique tokens for validation.


We will build a specific webpage for each event and perform Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to the website. We will integrate both mobile and card payments for the web channel to cater for customers’needs


The payments app, PayMe, will be made available to appointed sales agents who will be able to sell tickets. The app will also be used at the gate during the event to process purchases.