About PayMe

PayMe is our proprietary mobile Point of Sale. It is a business application that can be implemented locally at any business premises. It contains a payments trigger that pushes payment notifications to customers, making it easy for them to make payments. It can be implemented across a customer touch points including service centres, call centres and on automated vending/queuing systems.

PayMe can be implemented on various channels such as SMS, USSD, web, apps (for in-app payments), IVR and also on social media. It can be customized to suit clients’ needs and to minimize data entry during customer service.


What does it do?

Simplifies Payments

Makes it easy for customers to make payments. No remembering of paybills, tills or any other numbers. Just authosirize payment by entering PIN number.

Payments Acknowledgement

The mPOS acknowledges receipt of payments instantly & sends an SMS to the customeracknowledging receipt. SMS can be branded for each business using the app.

Reports & dashboards

The mPOS comes with a detailed reports & dashboards with insights on customer payments. The dashboards can be customized based on user requirements.

How is PayMe different?

Easy, Quick set-up

Set-up takes less than 1-hour & you are ready to start using the mPOS.

Agile & scalable

Can be implemented in limitless locations with centralized reporting & management.


Reduces waiting time for your customers with quick payment processing.


The mPOS can be customized based on user requirements e.g. colors, logos, additional functions.

Centralized management

Authorized devices can be managed remotely & can be added &/or removed quickly.